Obsolescence Notice - RF500 Wireless Monitoring System

Obsolescence Notice: RF500 Wireless Monitoring System

Obsolescence Notice: RF500 Wireless Monitoring System

Comark Instruments announces the obsolescence of the RF500 Wireless Monitoring System products listed in the table below, effective from 15 July 2022. The product line has reached the end of its product life cycle due to component obsolescence and a change in regulatory guidelines. In line with Comark Instrument’s continuous development of a new and more advanced product, future development will focus on the new Diligence 600 WiFi Monitoring System, which is positioned to better meet current and future customer needs.

NRA 2022 - National Restaurant Association Show 2022

NRA 2022

From May 21-24 you will find Comark at NRA 2022, celebrating not only a welcome return to the National Restaurant Association show following two years of interruption by the COVID-19 global pandemic, but also our latest products and solutions. The Comark Team will be on hand to show and demonstrate a wide range of products, So, if your business is still manually collecting food temperature data and relying on written records, here’s a great opportunity to visit us and learn about the products we’ve designed to support HACCP best practice – from simple pocket thermometers through to automated monitoring systems. The food industry is a fast paced and complex environment, that is heavily regulated to ensure that food that is produced, or sold throughout the supply chain, is safe for consumption. Safeguards must be in place along the supply chain, … Read more

Scientific Laboratory Show 2022

Scientific Laboratory Show 2022

From May 16th-18th we will be exhibiting and training at the Scientific Laboratory Show 2022 in Nottingham and will be showcasing the all new Diligence 600 WiFi Monitoring System, our most advanced and most powerful static monitoring system yet. Designed to be used by professionals across a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, bio life sciences and pharma, the Diligence 600 WiFi Monitoring System utilises a combination of transmitters, probes and adaptors to provide a highly accurate, continuous temperature monitoring and analysis solution that connects to your organization’s existing WiFi (Wireless) network. Comark’s Wireless Monitoring Solutions Manager, Mike Margerson, will also be on hand to demonstrate the power of Comark’s new Diligence Cloud data storage and management platform, which offers users a quick and dynamic way to securely access and drill-down into the data from any device that is being … Read more

Spotted on Great British Menu – The Handy PDQ400

We love a good cooking show here at Comark and BBCs Great British Menu is no exception! The hit BBC show is now in its 17th series and last night’s episode saw three Welsh chefs halfway through their battle, for a chance to win a place at the regional finals. Tom Phillips, head chef of the two Michelin-starred Restaurant Story in London, was working on his desert – inspired by an iconic episode of Only Fools and Horses. Not wanting the ‘Anglaise’ for his chocolate mousse to split, he reached for his handy PDQ400 Waterproof Pocket Digital Thermometer to keep an eye on the cooking temperature. Always Close To Hand Looks like Chef Tom Phillips had his PDQ400 Waterproof Pocket Digital Thermometer close to hand. The handy little PDQ400 is compact and slim and has a 1.5mm thin probe tip … Read more

Food Safety Education Month

Food Safety Education Month

As it’s officially Food Safety Education Month we thought we’d do our bit to prevent foodborne illness with our Top 5 Tips for Safe Food Handling! For Food Safety Education Month we will look at the importance of accurate temperature measurement and why the control of temperature is critical to the quality and safety of your food products. Temperature Control Many foods that are handled in homes, food service and food processing businesses contain harmful bacteria.  The growth of such bacteria can easily be controlled by ensuring that food is stored at and cooked to the right temperature.  Harmful bacteria can be reduced or destroyed by cooking or reheating to the correct temperature. For Food Safety Education Month we recommend that you create a new or revisit your existing Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) or food safety plan. … Read more

Comark Celebrating 60 Years 1961-2021

Celebrating 60 Years

We are celebrating 60 years of measuring and monitoring! We are really proud of our history and it’s exciting to look back over the last 60 years and map out the key moments from conception in 1961 by Mr Mills, who started the company with his wife and seven employees in Littlehampton, UK to the present day. Today we are a leading temperature measurement and monitoring brand for professionals across various verticals, seeking reliable, quality products that meet their developing needs. We’ve not just been reflecting on 60 years of product evolution and innovation this year, but also looking back at the corporate milestones that shaped the company in to the Fluke business it is today and have seen how our commitment to service, quality and industry standards have been the hallmarks of our business throughout that time. We’ve put … Read more

Supporting COVID Test Labs

Supporting COVID Test Labs

Ensuring safe storage of samples Over the last nine months, there has been an unprecedented surge in demand for COVID test labs throughout the UK, in response to the COVID-19 crisis. The latest government information is that the target of 500 test sites in the UK has now been reached, with more sites opening every day. In order to deal with the increased testing requirements, healthcare laboratories are having to rapidly train additional personnel and quickly expand the number of refrigerators and freezers that they have for the safe storage of samples – this might even involve establishing entire new premises, within an extremely tight timeframe, such as we have seen with the NHS Nightingale hospitals. As a manufacturer and provider of continuous temperature monitoring systems for the healthcare industry, Comark has been supporting COVID test labs from the very … Read more

Legionella Managing The Risk in Buildings

Managing Legionella Post COVID-19 Lockdown

Legionella Risks Global outbreaks of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) have resulted in the compulsory closure of a number of large buildings such as schools, universities, leisure facilities and office blocks at a scale previously not seen. Now, as these buildings start to re-open after the imposed lockdown, there is a genuine risk that they could have become a breeding ground for another infection – Legionnaires’ disease (Legionella). The long periods of inactivity in buildings, a result of the COVID-19 lockdown, has greatly increased the risk of the Legionella pneumophilia bacteria developing in large water tanks and pipework. The bacteria survives in the biofilm that gathers on pipe and tank surfaces and likes to feed on the sludge and sediment that builds up there. Legionnaires’ disease, or Legionella as it is more commonly known, is caused by inhaling water droplets, via hot tubs, showers and … Read more

UK Sausage Week

UK Sausage Week

We’re helping to celebrate UK Sausage Week by giving you the low-down on how to get the best out of your wurst – once you’ve decided on which one’s your favourite of course! COMMON MISTAKES I’m sure we’ve all had a dodgy BBQ sausage in our time… charred on the outside but soft and pink and going to make you ill on the inside. Even frying can result in the centre not being cooked through properly. So here’s our quick guide to getting the BEST out of your WURST. 1. Avoid a high heat The higher you have the heat, the less the fat will render, the faster the sausage skin will burn and the less likely you will have a perfectly cooked centre. This is why the BBQ sausages all too often fail; if the coals are too hot, then … Read more

Celebrate Safely this 4th July!

Celebrate Safely

At Comark we want you to celebrate safely this 4th of July! If your plans to celebrate Independence Day with family and friends, either today, or over the weekend, involve barbecues and eating outdoors, then here’s a few tips to help you keep safe! When it comes to Independence Day food, there’s nothing better than a picnic or barbecue with family and friends. You’ll want to make sure there is plenty of food to go round – but you should also make sure you celebrate safely.. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has just posted it’s July 4th food safety advice and we’re doing our bit for food safety by urging you go about your celebrations with food safety in mind. Preparing Safely First and foremost, keep your food preparation areas, utensils and equipment clean and wash your hands between different … Read more

Comark at NRA 2019

Comark at NRA 2019 – Centennial Show

From May 19-21 you will find Comark at NRA 2019, celebrating not only a new range of Bluetooth thermometers and feature-rich food thermometers but also celebrating the National Restaurant Association’s centennial year! If you visit Comark at NRA 2019, at booth 3746, you will be able to see the latest range of hand-held Bluetooth food thermometers, which transmit their temperature data to our Comark Kitchen Checks App, installed on your mobile device or tablet. If you are looking for new ways in which to automate data collection and to avoid human error in the process, then you definitely need to swing by!     For most professionals attending NRA 2019, a food thermometer needs to be used in a specific and controlled manner and the temperature data collected at source. This makes a secure data transmission protocol such as Bluetooth … Read more

Yizhou Chen - General Manager - Comark Instruments

Yizhou Chen Appointed General Manager

Comark Instruments, a leading international manufacturer of high quality, precision thermometers, data loggers and wireless temperature monitoring solutions, announced today the appointment of Yizhou Chen to the position of General Manager. “Food safety is one of the top concerns of mine and many others,” says Yizhou. “Comark is a remarkable company in the food industry, with a track record of providing trusted and innovative temperature solutions to keep customers and consumers around the world Safe. I am very proud to join the team to continue serving our customers in the best way possible.” Yizhou most recently came from Fluke IG as the BU Manager DMM/ EPROD based in Everett, WA, where she achieved double digit revenue growth for consecutive two years and built a strong innovation funnel for future roadmap. Before this Yizhou had, at Fluke, been the BU Manager … Read more