Pancake Day with perfectly cooked pancakes

Pancake Day 2018

…and why Shrove Tuesday… Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday is celebrated by eating pancakes. We often look forward to the tradition of eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday without giving much thought to why we celebrate in this way. Shrove Tuesday is a day in February or March preceding Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent.  It always falls 47 days before Easter so the date moves each year but it will always be between 3 February and 9 March. The name Shrove Tuesday comes from ‘shrive’, meaning absolution for sins by doing penance and it is suggested that pancake day became a way of using up rich foods like eggs, milk and sugar before the 40 days of fasting for Lent. For most of us it is an excuse to eat pancakes and test our pancake flipping skills in the kitchen. … Read more

Food Safety Guidelines from Sentencing Council

Sentencing Council Introduces Guidelines for Food Safety Offences

As of Feb. 1, 2016, the Sentencing Council has introduced new guidelines for food safety offences – in addition to health and safety offences and corporate manslaughter. The guidelines have been developed with the intention of providing comprehensive sentencing guidance for judges and magistrates in England and Wales charged with sentencing for the most common food safety offences. With the implementation the new guidelines, “fines for offences [will be] fair and proportionate to the seriousness of the offence and the means of offenders.” To accomplish this, sentences vary to “reflect the very different levels of risk of harm that can result from offences.” Because food safety offences can result in a wide range of consequences – from minor illness to hospitalization or even death – it is vital that kitchens implement proper food safety standards. Comark’s temperature monitoring solutions aid … Read more